Body Doubles in

The Sewers of Mars (23) @ Reena Spaulings (group show), NEW YORK, 13/06-28/07/2020 Solitaires (36 & 37) @ Air de Paris (solo), ROMAINVILLE, 20/06/2020 One Escape at a Time (3 & 34) @ SMB20 Seoul Museum of Art, SEOUL, 08/09-22/11/2020 Time!




Doctor Who?

To the Edge

In-fame Miami who wants to die for art?
Pump up the turkey

Turn Over

Heaven Knows


A book that kills

Holly does Hollywood
It's only a shell
Star Wars

If living is without you

The Battle of
the Dead Stars

On the turd of the world


In the end The main thing is to love...
to be continued :)